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Shaggy Juniper is one of the most popular firewoods here in the Valley. It has a great aroma and it is very easy to light. Great for outdoor and great as a fire starter for inside fireplaces. 


Indoor fire      ★★                                       

Outdoor fire ★★★★★★                              

Aroma            ★★★★★★                                                      

Durability     ★★

Smoke           ★★




Shaggy Juniper

  • Shaggy Juniper has a great aroma but because it is considered a softwood it works best when it is combined with a hardwood so you get the longetivity of a hard wood and the great aroma of the juniper.  It is a great fire starter for fireplaces inside and also great to start fires outside. It has a low BTU, so it is not recommended to heat up large places. It crackles/pops like pine.

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