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Cooking with oak wood is the pitmaster’s dream. White oak and red oak are unique to central Texas, and it is the definition of the classic American barbecue. Red oak burns very hot and it burns long. It is a great wood for firepits and chimmeys. Oak has a very high heat output, it does not pop or crackle. This type of wood is great for inside and outside fireplaces to keep warm during the winter. 



Indoor fire     ★★★★★★            Smoking meats ★★★★★★

Outdoor fire ★★★★★★           Pizza oven            ★★★★★★

Aroma            ★★★★                     Griling                    ★★★★★

Durability     ★★★★★★

Smoke          ★★★★★


  • Oak is one of the most popular woods for cooking due to the mild vanilla scent. Oak is perhaps the simplest wood to learn to cook with. A time-honored favorite, oak requires minimal experience to get started. The flavor of Oak is always subtle and never overpowering. Let the meat do the talking.

    Oak is a medium-burn wood akin to hickory. Oak provides a limited smoke and pleasant crackling, make your guests feel at home when burn inside the fireplace.

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