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This is the second longest burning wood. Mesquite has a very distinctive smell that is milder than Juniper. This wood burns very hot making it great fires that are used to heat large spaces. This wood produces very minimal crackling, it usually does not pop and produces medium heavy smoke. This type of wood is best when combined with a softer type of wood to get it started. Mesquite produces a super high heat outsource. 




Indoor fire     ★★★★                 Smoking meats ★★★★★

Outdoor fire ★★★★★★        Pizza oven            ★★★★★★

Aroma            ★★★★                  Griling                    ★★★★

Durability     ★★★★★★

Smoke.          ★★★




Native Mesquite

  • We arew bringing the best Mesquite on the market. This native Mesquite is very dense it is the best option for cooking that requires high heat output and short cooking times, creates a very bold flavor. Most commonly used for barbacoa, steak, pozole, pork (Texas style). 

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