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This is a wonderful opportunity to experience all of our soft and hardwoods.

We pride ourselves by giving a unique clean burning experience. We keep the pine very minimum on our mixes, which means a longer cleaner burning fire for you. Our regular mix can include any of the following woods; eucalyptus, ash, acatia, citrus, mulberry and pine.


For those who seek a sweet scent when they have a fire we also offer our premium mix. The premium mix can be fully customized. Our premium mix can include any of the following; apple, mesquite, ash, eucalyptus, pecan, peach, citrus, olive, and mulberry. The premium mix has a seperate price please call to get the pricing our award winning premium mix. 




Indoor fire     ★★★★★                                       

Outdoor fire ★★★★★★                              

Aroma            ★★★★                                                      

Durability     ★★★★★★

Smoke           ★★★★




Hardwood Mix

  • Great for camp fires, social gatherings and outside fireplaces. The hardwood mix last a very long time and it has a great mix between softwoods and hardwoods for easy to start fires and great to last long time while burning. The hardwood mix can produce a high heat outsource and medium smoke.  

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