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War of the Phoenix 

We are so thrilled to be on site for the War of the Phoenix event that will be happening from February 1st until Saturday February 4th, 2023. 

We will be onsite at Phoenix International Way selling from 10 am until 8 pm starting Wednesday February 1st until Saturday February 4th .

We will have large quantities of firewood on site to be able to supply all demand.

For all cooking orders we will take a small batch of wood on site and if there are big orders please call 619-272-1857 so we can have them ready. 

You can pay through Cash, Zelle, Venmo, Debit or Credit Card (an additional 5% will be added to charge for debit or credit purchases). 

    Wheelbarrow $40
    4' x 4'             $150 

   Wheelbarrow $70
   4' x 4'             $255 

   Wheelbarrow $45
   4' x 4'             $170 

   Wheelbarrow $55
   4' x 4'             $210 

           Red Oak
   Wheelbarrow $75
   4' x 4'             $275 

    Wheelbarrow $85
    4' x 4'             $310 

      Shaggy Juniper
   Wheelbarrow $50
   4' x 4'             $190 

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